Startup Safary is an event franchise that works in close proximity with startup ecosystems and communities. Created in Berlin, where it is still organised and grown by a core team, Startup Safary works with independent teams in various cities around the globe, who help bring the concept to multiple cities.

We usually work with local community leaders – people who are engaged in the community, by being active event organisers, entrepreneurs or investors.

These community leaders build a team around themselves, which are usually around 4-5 people. Whilst all the support and operational guidance are communicated through Berlin’s core team, the local organisers are responsible for reaching out to their communities to help make Startup Safary editions a success.

Startup Safary is designed to help a startup ecosystem grow faster, which is possible through collaborations with local community leaders who already have a strong feel for the ‘innovative’ pulse of their cities, and are excited about the growing entrepreneurial spirit all around. Partnering with Startup Safary opens an opportunity to be part of a changing economy, providing a wide range of direct and indirect benefits to various facets of the startup culture.


For the city & the ecosystem

  1. It’s a very low barrier of entry for first timers, so it helps more people enter the ecosystem (e.g. to find jobs with a startup, to take a leap into entrepreneurship, or to invest in unique developments for the first time).
  2. It creates stronger communities (e.g. by connecting relevant people from startups operating in a given city with each other).
  3. It connects ecosystems with one another.

For the organisers

Organising the event is a great way to build a strong network inside and outside of the given ecosystem. Through organising the event, you will get to know all the active stakeholders in the ecosystem, local authorities, and many people from established companies who’re interested in startups. In addition to networking throughout your ecosystem, Startup Safary’s global operations give the opportunity to be active in more than one edition, in whichever city you’d prefer.

Global network

We are working hard to connect our organisers from various cities with one another. The idea is that if all of them are local influencers, by knowing each other & helping each other, they have a powerful network to tap into anytime. On top of that, there are many entrepreneurs and investors travelling to Startup Safaries whom you meet as the organiser in a particular edition.


The event has an established business model and most of our organisers build a sustainable business around them.


Over the years we’ve developed, fallen, risen, and perfected our business model for the events. Primarily financed from sponsors and ticket sales, we help new teams prepare their sponsorship offers and price tickets to jump-start their preparations into their city’s startup ecosystem. We also help them establish the sales process and share the tools we use for that, along with introducing them to existing partners who’ve shown interests in overseas markets.

Being part of Startup Safary comes with a list of Marketing and Promotion related tools that help expedite the functionality of a new team. Some of the initial support and provisions that we provide are:

  1. The right to use Startup Safary brand.
  2. All necessary branding materials (we will create a full set of designs for banners, graphics etc. that you will need to promote and organise the event).
  3. Website and softwares to manage the event.
  4. Every city has a dedicated web page for their events, with the local team having complete support in operating it and modifying relevant information for their cities.
  5. Access to our tools (we have built and bought a number of tools that make the process of organising and promoting the event easier and faster).
  6. Active support and know how – you will receive a detailed manual of step by step organisation of the event and you will have an ongoing support of our team. There is going to be a dedicated person on our core team who will help you along the way and make sure you have all materials you need.
  7. Help with international promotion – we cross-promote our events across cities in the region, and we also use our global channels to promote each city event.
  8. Support with sales to our international partners (both tickets and sponsorship) – not only we help you with set up of your sales process, but we also try to bring in sponsors and attendees from our existing partnerships from previous editions.

The Startup Safary franchise is based on a profit sharing model – after the event we sum up all the revenues and costs and divide the profit accordingly. We also charge a franchise fee upfront towards the investment in setting up a new city and supporting the team in the process.

Due to increasingly high interests in introducing Startup Safary to various cities, we cannot accommodate all the requests at the moment. We get in touch with local teams, and select them to work with based on the following criteria:

  1. Is the team capable of organising the event”. We want to see that you have a team that can take care of sales, production and promotion.
  2. Do they have a good reputation”. We check whether you have a good reputation in your community. It’s important, because we want to make sure that each new organiser adds value to the brand rather potentially harming it.
  3. Do they have the necessary resources”. We need to make sure that you can dedicate enough of a budget to organise and promote the event before you receive the first revenue from tickets and sponsorship deals.
  4. Do the both of us get along”. Finally, we work with people we like and we think other organisers will like as well, and vice versa. Where’s the point in partnering if we’re both spending more time having a go at one another in stead of being a part of something great together?


If you are interested in bringing Startup Safary to your city, please send us a message. If you have any additional questions, please see our FAQ or contact us.



Usually, you should start the preparations 4-5 months before the planned date. There are usually 2 months of intense preparations. These numbers can vary depending on a given city and experience of the team. Ideally, you should be giving yourself enough time to have partners in place who can highlight the value of your city as a ‘hub for innovation’, and set some time aside for taking care of promotions, marketing, ticket sales, and unexpected hiccups.

You will need a business entity to issue and accept invoices, of course, but you’ll also need a team backing you up to have the event organised seamlessly and effectively.

Most of the teams are 4-5 people, most of them working on the project part time, although it would be enough to have 2-3 full-time teammates to organise a fairly large and successful edition.
Regardless of its size, a team has to cover the following competences:

  1. Sales – Get partners on board (startups, investors, accelerators, coworking spaces etc.) and find sponsors who’re open to help in uplifting the local startup community.
  2. Event organisation – all the logistics, coordination and preparation of the program takes time. And it also takes people to make it happen.
  3. Communication – PR, social media, marketing, and media partnerships are crucial to help raise awareness of editions, and its always a major plus to have someone on the team who’s familiar with the city and its pulse.