To accelerate the growth of startup ecosystems, so that they take over the “old economy” as fast as possible.



Startup Safary is an international franchise of events. It’s days of open doors for startup ecosystems. It means that startups, VCs, accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces and other community hotspots open their doors for attendees.



The event does not have a single venue, but takes place all over a given city. Participating companies organise sessions at their offices. These sessions are included in the overall program of the event. Depending on the size of a given ecosystem, the events usually take from 1 to 3 days and can have from dozens to hundreds of individual sessions.

We don’t like to restrict ourselves to hosting events that have to do with one location or one industry. The way we see it, startups are all about bringing innovation, entrepreneurship, change, and fun, into an ecosystem that’s beginning to make changes around the globe, so why start making divisions? Which is why we don’t usually go for events that are ‘just for techies‘ or ‘just for marketers‘, and we definitely don’t go for events that are ‘just in that conference room‘ or ‘just in that office‘. We choose a city, and make as much as we can make happen, all over. From office sessions and CEO dinners indoors, to expert talks and parties outdoors, we try and bring in as much variety as we can.

Attendees register online and pick the sessions they want to attend. They then travel around the city, visiting various locations, offices, and spaces as we’ve managed to fit in.



In most of the cities, Startup Safary events are organised by local teams that hold a Startup Safary franchise. Our team directly organises the events only in a handful of selected cities. If you’d like to bring Startup Safary to your city, you can get in touch with us using this form.



Startup Safary was born out of a hobby project that Maciek Laskus and Clarissa Steinhöfel created in Berlin, way back in 2012. Quickly it started taking up so much of their time, that it turned from a hobby into a full time project, and finally, into a company that was formed in January 2014.

10 months later, Startup Safary took place in Athens, in Greece, which was the first Startup Safary event outside of Berlin. And in the summer of 2015, Startup Safary finally went beyond Europe to host the first edition in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.